Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greeped Water Scale Remover?

GREEPED Water Scale remover is a water softening system which treats the hard water in to soft water.

How it works?

It works on an Electrolysis Technology. This system is made with a Titanium Anode rod powdered with MMO (Multi Metal Oxide) put inside a SS 304 Cylinder and connected with SMPS for direct electric current.

How much hardness it reduce?

It removes 85% - 90% of hardness depending upon the water hardness and the size of Scale Remover

Does it reduce TDS also?

Yes. It reduces TDS also

How much TDS it reduce?

Approx. 30% to 40% TDS it reduces.

Is it Electric or Non-electric?

It is Electric based system because it works on electrolysis process.

How much electric current it needs?

It needs an electric current of 20 Ampere.

What are the required volt and watt needed?

12 V for more than 1000 ppm TDS and 24 V for less than1000 ppm TDS.

What type of media is used in this system?

No media is used in it. The anode rod is powdered with MMO only.

How it is different from Resin based softener?

Softener is based on regeneration process but no regeneration is needed in GREEPED Water Scale Remover. No maintenance cost, No Salt , No man power required for any after sales service.

Does it need regeneration?


Does it need after sale service?

No actual after sales service required. Only a 10 minutes cleaning needed every after two months.

Where we can install it?

Before Overhead Water Tank.

In which sectors we can use it?

In every sector we can use it viz. Individual House, Multi flats apartment, School, Hotels, Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Industries, Farming etc.

Is the water drinkable?

Not advisable for regular drinking purpose.

What is the life of this system?

If timely cleaning is done then life is more than 7 years.

Is there any higher limit of TDS for the use of this system?

Up to 5000 ppm TDS it works with timely cleaning as advised by the installer about the cleaning time.

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