One Solution For All Hard Water Problems.

One Solution For All Hard Water Problems. GREEPED SCALE REMOVER

VISTAR ENTERPRISES has been established four years ago having business in various sectors and now coming up with a new brand GREEPED for the marketing of water treatment products viz RO Plant, DM Plant, Water Cooler, Water Ionizer etc.

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GREEPED Scale Remover by Vistar Enterprises

With the new arrival of Water SCALE REMOVER, company is looking to serve with this next generation product for providing soft water to all segment of the society.

Having rights for the Vortex Technology, it has gained accolades from its customers across India.

From testing to application to Installation our total water treatment products are designed to provide the highest quality treatment protocols.

Our products are designed to give you the best guaranteed results.

GREEPED introduces a next generation product SCALE REMOVER which will enhance the quality of water by eradicating scale formation in the water SCALE REMOVER works on a principle of Electrolysis Technology, providing a complete solution from scale build up in pipes and house hold equipment. A best solution to a lime scale problems where lime scale is deposited in Electrolysis reactor and hence you can view the live results of scale build up, reducing the TDS levels by 40% which gives you utmost satisfaction.

This product comes with a complete set packed with SMPS and Jumbo Filter.
Water scale remover
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